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          Light: JS-TL-1

          CT: RGBRGBW       Location: Shanghai China
          Introduction: Colorful light change with music making Tobacco Building more luxury.

          Light: JS-WL-7

          CT: RGBW       Location: Wuxi China
          Introduction: The colorful lights evenly wash the roof, making the hotel even more spectacular and luxurious.

          Light: JS-FL-5

          CT: 3000K      Location:Shanghai,China
          Introduction: Modern flood tree light, narrow angle of light and clear light spot ,

          Light: JS-WL-2

          CT: Green      Location: Shanghai China
          Introduction: The illumination of the wall washer light make the building looks luxury with very comfortable

          Light: JS-WL-4

          CT: 5000K      Location: Russia
          Introduction: Up and down 65 degree wall light , glass material lens and aluminum body,

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          Sales Tel:+008613382893871
          Email us: David@jsledlighting.com
          Address:No.15 Xinzhou Road, New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
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